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1 DAY EXPLORER WITH OVERNIGHT (11am - 9am next day / 6pm - 4pm next day)

£90pp (16+) £70pp (13-15) £50pp (8-12) *£110 (individual private booking)

Until you sleep under the canopy of the trees and stars, your bushcraft experience will never be complete, so this is an extended 1 day course with the addition of waking up with the dawn chorus. On your arrival you will immediately be shown how to set up your nest for the night with a tarp/hammock or basha, a few simple quick release knots and an insight into other set-ups. Breakfast is provided for you, but all other meals/snacks including eating utensils must be brought with you. Tea/coffee/water/cooking utensils are supplied.
PLEASE NOTE: It is essential to be warm, dry and comfortable during your stay, so please refer to the KIT LIST.

2 DAY EXPLORER WITH OVERNIGHT (10am - 4pm next day)

£1500pp (16+) £100pp (13-15) £70pp (8-12) *£170 (individual private booking)

A great course to get stuck into a variety of bushcraft skills and activity and to enjoy a bit of wilderness living.

You will be shown how to set up your tarp/hammock or basha efficiently and safely. Tarps are supplied and some hammocks are available depending on group members. You must bring a sleeping bag that is adequate for the season, a camping mat and a bivvi bag (especially if you are under a tarp on the ground).

Over the two days you will become proficient in using knife, axe and saw, you will carve spoons, practical items and a cooking structure. You will practice fire by friction, learn how to build your own bow-drill kit, learn about fire wood properties, fire lays and create fire from scratch using various techniques and tinders. You will use plant fibres to make cordage, filter & purify water and learn how to maintain your knife. Tree/plant identification, their uses and properties, correct pruning and the importance of coppice. Conservation and sustainable harvesting will be referred to throughout the course.

The evening is your own to hone skills or relax around the fire.During Spring/Summer nights there will  be sessions on the natural history of bats with a bat walk to the river.

Food for the evening meal is provided for a a group cook-up, so please specify vegetarian or not when booking. All other meals/snacks including eating utensils must be brought with you. Tea/coffee/water/cooking utensils are available. Please refer to KIT LIST.

If you choose not to have the overnight camp, then the costs will be as two 1 day Explorer courses.