Tucked away in a secluded ancient woodland in Pembrokeshire......

Adapt with confidence within a native woodland environment.........

Learn to use the natural surroundings........

Fire-by-friction & other techniques.......
<strong>Half Day Course.</strong>

Half Day Course.

HALF DAY COURSE. - An introduction to some bushcraft essentials - Fire making, shelter, Tree ID and uses, axe/knife use and carving. This course provides a useful insight into bushcraft activities for all ages ....Read More
<strong>One Day Course.</strong>

One Day Course.

ONE DAY COURSE. - This course appeals to families and mixed age groups. At the end of the day you will have covered skills that give you the confidence to spend more time in a woodland environment ....Read More
<strong>One & Two Day Overnight Explorer.</strong>

One & Two Day Overnight Explorer.

ONE & TWO DAY EXPLORER. - Until you sleep under the canopy of the trees & stars, your bushcraft experience will never be complete, - an extended one day course, waking up with the dawn chorus ....Read More
<strong>Coastal Bushcraft Treks.</strong>

Coastal Bushcraft Treks.

COASTAL BUSHCRAFT TREKS. - These will take us through a variety of coastal habitats where we can forage, observe the flora and fauna and find tinders for fire making ....Read More
Buzzard Chris Bushcraft camp is sited at Foxenhole Lake woods nestled in ancient woodland near Cresswell Quay in South Pembrokeshire. Bushcraft activities are catered for the curious novice to the more intrepid and courses are tailored to families, individuals and groups. There are no super human requirements to any of the activities and all abilities are welcome. The courses are delivered by qualified & experienced instructors in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere to ensure you have an enjoyable and memorable experience and leave with a range of sound and practical wilderness skills. Exploring the world of bushcraft is to embark on a fascinating journey of knowledge and re- discovery. The activities are designed to enhance your appreciation of the native woodland environment and to develop skills that will enable you to adapt with confidence, whether you are in woodlands for a day, a weekend or longer. Buzzard Chris Bushcraft courses will offer you a wide range of bushcraft activities, such as fire making & fire by friction (bow-drill), tree/plant ID & uses, shelter construction, woodland crafts, knife, axe & saw use, safety and carving techniques, nettle & willow cordage, survival bows and atlatl & darts. Conservation, natural history, sustainable harvesting & woodland management are intrinsic to bushcraft activity and emphasised throughout all courses. All the activities are great fun to indulge in and you will always be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment. Ensuring that you are physically and mentally comfortable during your course is essential to us and your woodland experience.
PLEASE NOTE: It is essential that you refer to the KIT LIST before embarking on any of the courses. Your safety and well-being is of paramount importance to us and appropriate clothing for the environment and seasonal conditions is a priority.
BUZZARD CHRIS BUSHCRAFT ACTIVITIES. Courses delivered at Foxenhole Lake Woods near Cresswell Quay, South Pembrokeshire, Wales. To contact Chris please email – buzzchriscraft@gmail.com or Tel. 01834 871931 – Mob. 07773 856050. - 34 Dewing Avenue, Manorbier, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales, SA70 7TS. (Initial enquiries are best done by email) WHO ARE THEY FOR? - No experience necessary, all abilities are catered for. SMALL & LARGE GROUPS, FAMILIES, CHILDREN’S PARTIES, INDIVIDUAL ADULTS, SCHOOLS, CLUBS, CORPORATE, HEN & STAG. Terms and Conditions
CHRIS is also available to travel to your own patch and if you would like to discuss anything regarding the delivery of bushcraft/woodland related projects please get in touch.
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